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A Seminar on ‘Capital Markets in India’ was held on February 9, 2016. With an overview of the components of financial markets in the inaugural session, Dr. R. M. Kumar, Director, AMSIMR, highlighted the importance of Capital Markets for the economic progress of economies and the need for participation in it by the people for the benefit of individuals and the country.

In the first technical session, Ms. Krutika Jain from Lotus Knowlwealth Pvt. Ltd. and Ms. Manjushree Purohit from IDFC Asset Management Company Limited narrated various types of Mutual Funds and aspects relating to investment in them. The discussion led to information about investing in different types of financial assets by considering their risk profiles, time horizons and other characteristics.

In the second technical session, Prof. Bharat Vira from AMSIMR discussed the importance of Portfolio Management and Financial Planning. He gave five important steps for Wealth Management namely assessing present financial situation, listing all financial goals, finding alternative line of actions, making and executing financial plan, and monitoring and reviewing financial plan periodically.

Mr. Nikesh Ruparel, Mr. Zaman Salman and Mr. Mohd. Yusuf Khan from Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited discussed the status of Indian Capital Market in the valedictory session. It was described that Indian stocks are trading at a premium than their emerging market peers and India is expected to remain resilient even if the region’s economic conditions deteriorate.

February 9, 2016