Dhaval  Jatakia (Chief Student Representative)

st-DhavalJatakiaI am not speaking about my college but am sharing a wonderful experience with you ……….. a turning point of my life and in the lives of my classmates.

For me, AMSIMR is not an Institute. It is a nest. A nest that gave me shelter. A nest which helped me to increase self-confidence, a nest where I developed my personality. The teachers here, taught me to explore the new avenues, taught me to aim high, to fly high. They taught to me how to succeed while keeping politeness, and ethics intact. The best thing I have learnt is here is being a good human being and valuing every human relation of my life.

To put in simple words, for me this institute is not just AMSIMR, it is  AMS..I…M…….R…ejoicing here.

Rahul Mishra (Head Boy)

st-RahulMishraMy life and lives of other students at AMSIMR, are activities round the clock : we students poring over business cases, making powerpoint presentations, drafting the perfect CV, wearing the perfect outfits, obtaining global gyaan (one of the many terms that you will pick up when you are here), competing in quiz contests, making mock business plans, writing articles and despite all this workload, trying to be punctual for the deadlines. Personal attention is given by the professors and by Director (imagine that at a post-graduation level) I will not lie to you – the pressure is high but we know that it is good for us. The good times substantially outweigh the difficult times. This is a life that I would want to live, the corporate life !!!

In between the rigors of academics and grades, students here do things that a typical student does. We play many sports, we play music, we party hard, we de-stress by yoga exercises. Also, we celebrate together, many of the festivals that our multi-cultural, multi lingual country enjoys. For, AMSIMR is a planet in itself, like our own motherland.

Pooja Varia (Head Girl)

st-PoojaVariaEvery MBA aspirant dreams of a day when he/she gets the option to choose from the top MBA institutes. If you happen to get this chance, I hope you will choose wisely. Today, I definitely say that I m lucky as a student of AMSIMR.

Our director, Dr. J. K. Sachdeva is great. He is dedicated himself towards the institute and is trying to bring it up to international standards. Hence, he receives a lot of respect from the students. One has to be here to understand and experience it.

All professors of AMSIMR are renowned in their fields of expertise and yet humble. They always teach us to think BIG. Their methods of teaching are easy and very interesting. All this is really worth for the hard work we students do.

The students have great bonding among themselves. This helps tremendously in our studies. My batchmates and my seniors are helpful. We learn as well as enjoy simultaneously.

Last but not the least, our campus is buzzing with positive energy and enthusiasm.

On behalf of all the students of AMSIMR, I thank the administrators, the director, the teachers and the non-teaching staff for their valuable suggestions, motivation, inspiration, support and guidance to complete our MMS course.