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Man is an artistic creation of God and possesses abounding talents. But he needs to explore this himself to lead a successful and well-balanced life. He is a combination of body, mind and soul. Each component has a great influence on him with normally less synchrony between them. Hence it’s essential to maintain a holistic approach towards one’s own life and personal growth.

While the world at large is craving for material values which are highly sophisticated and beyond limits, it’s of utmost importance to maintain a right approach for one’s own benefit. Definitely personality and clothes do add value to one’s life but it can be deceiving because those things alone surely do not make anyone complete.

Man is fragile and subjected to many things around and so cannot be hundred percent in everything. No one is perfect and yet one can achieve greatness in life by earnest efforts in life through a holistic approach. It’s only when we strive sincerely to be better, we may undergo a process of becoming better, a complete man of great personality.

All great people have yearned to be so and life had been a struggle for them, may be except a few. They have displayed thirst for knowledge, exhibited great philosophy and sacrificed worldly pleasures to experience life’s joy through simple living and experienced godliness through the practice of virtuous life. This is because they were determined to live worthy life.

Man today does what not to be happy. He has become highly selfish and goes on to achieve anything. Again, with exceptions, people have become great in many things but stand nowhere close to great men of the ages. People have amassed wealth limitlessly, have greed for power, politics and praise, and desire pleasures of life come what may.

He has become inhuman and insensitive to the sufferings of the common man around. One may question the values and ethical ways and the answer would be that anything is fair. Is this humankind complete? Definitely not. But we all need to work hard to be better in our life by conscientiously making efforts to live well and attain totality in all spheres of life.

Well, what are those spheres of life? Our life which is made up of body, mind and spirit should be properly aligned in themselves. Our body could be expressed in terms of physical quotient, mind in terms of intelligence and emotional quotient and spirit in terms of spiritual quotient. Let me elaborate each of these quotients a little.

Physical Quotient: Our body, made up of various parts, functions simultaneously what they are meant for. If some parts don’t function, it leads to sickness. Therefore, we need to take care of our body for a healthy living through healthy lifestyle, habits and exercises. Our body is temple of God and so we have to respect our body and take good care of it.

Intelligence Quotient: Intelligence comes from our mind and so our intelligence and rationality depend on our thinking. Our understanding depends on our mind and so we need to be thoughtful in the right direction. Let us do everything that enhances our knowledge in the right way. Reading and studying increase our knowledge and we can build intelligence quotient on this.

Emotional Quotient: Our emotionality is expressed by our body based on the perceptions, learnings and attitudes that come from our mind. So we need to set right our perceptions and attitudes and even learning in the universal way through right analysis of our thoughts so that we may exhibit emotional stability. We should have feelings of both sympathy and empathy.

Spiritual Quotient: This is something which depends on our faith and beliefs. If our body is the temple of God, then God is within us and so we must turn to our inner life as we nurture our external body. So, we pray God and do good things and we nourish our souls. All goodness and ethicality comes this source that will enable us to see a good world around us.

We should have each quotient in a balanced manner. We need to go through find out how much we have of these quotients. What makes a complete man of great personality is a high level of these quotients. An effort to raise the level of each quotient will yield us fruits of contented life to see wonders of beautiful life around us and enable us to lead a just and ethical life.