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A Lecture on ‘Business Excellence in the 21 st Century’ was delivered on March 21, 2016 by Dr. Manu Vora, Chairman and President, Business Excellence, Inc., USA and Advisor of Eminence, Business Excellence, ASQ India, New Delhi. He has received 2015 BHU Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2012 IIT Chicago Alumni Medal, 2011 Ellis Island Medal of Honor and 2010 US Volunteer Service Award.

Dr. Vora explained Business Excellence from the perspective of Baldridge Performance Excellence framework. The key principles of best practices such as Total Quality Management, Organisational Performance Excellence, Customer-Supplier Relations, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Change Management, and Lean and Six Sigma were described with examples.

He laid emphasis on the combined importance of ability, motivation and attitude and the functions of heart, head and hands together with proper leadership as the requirements for attaining Total Quality Management. Citing leadership as a Catalyst of Change, he stated, “Leadership is all about Influencing, Igniting, and Inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary things”.

The Lecture was attended by the teaching and non-teaching staff members and students of the institute and some students of other colleges. Dr. Vora and Mr. S. V. Viswanathan, Director and CEO,  3VConsultants and Mentor, ASQ Mumbai LMC, further enriched the audience by answering questions that were raised relating to business excellence, professional career and personal excellence.

March 21, 2016