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A discussion on ‘The Life of Senior Citizens’ was organized on November 20, 2015. Hon. Minister Mrs. Fazila-Jeewa Daureeawoo, Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions, Government of Mauritius, highlighted the living conditions of elderly people especially the poor, social security measures, steps taken for their improvement and their results in Mauritius.

It was mentioned that most people of African nations lack knowledge of health and its importance. All sections of people including children, young and old live under precarious conditions of undernourishment and lack of social security. Hence the Government of Mauritius incurs expenditure on the elderly people and special care is taken for their progress, health and social security.

Prof. Dr. Siva Raju, Professor & Dean, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and Advisor, Ministry of Social Security, Government of Mauritius, gave a brief account of the research, publications and other recent contributions of TISS in the area of ageing. Dr. Nidhi Gupta from TISS, Mumbai, also added her views.

Dr. R. M. Kumar, Director, AMSIMR, described the complexity of the present circumstances such as the declining joint family system, migration to cities and other countries for professional accomplishments and the compulsions of modern fast life of cities leading to the increasing concerns of senior citizens and emphasized the need to look after the aged parents.

November 20, 2015