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Our Director Madam, Dr. Iram T. Shaikh had planned for an Industrial Visit to Silvassa after discussing it with the students and considering the quotation of ‘Lobo Adventure’ from the three quotations received by her. She negotiated the rate with the travel agent and finalised the rate per person to Rs. 5250/- for the undertaking the journey for industrial visit to Silvassa from October 26 – 28, 2023 (2 nights and 3 days).

Later, the same was coordinated by Prof. Francis Lobo with the travel agent and the students. Accordingly, the amounts were either collected in cash or through online payment and the entire collection was deposited with the administration from time to time.

The following students joined the  Industrial Visit to Silvassa:


1 Priyansh Joshi FY 19 Neha Jain SY
2 Yukta Sawant FY 20 Nikita Vanne SY
3 Sakshi Awgune FY 21 Akanksha Waghmare SY
4 Ashwini Gawade FY 22 Ankita Sonawane SY
5 Ritika Pevekar FY 23 Pratiksha Londhe SY
6 Tanisha Londhe FY 24 Anish  Katkar SY
7 Rohan Paikar FY 25 Ajay Yadav SY
8 Pragati Taralkar FY 26 Satish Jalgaonkar SY
9 Kiran Ingle FY 27 Nirav Devda SY
10 Pratik Belhekar FY 28 Daivat Chavan SY
11 Anuj Sonawane FY 29 Vishwanath Tripathi SY
12 Sheshavaardhini Badrinarayan FY 30 Akashkumar Tidke SY
13 Anil D. Ammani FY 31 Tushar Jadhav SY
14 Shubham Kale FY 32 Pratik Dhasal SY
15 Ajinkya V. Ugale FY
16 Shebaz Siddhiqui FY
17 Pratham More FY
18 Kushal Dabholkar FY


The students were accompanied by Dr. Iram  Shaikh – Director and Prof. Francis Lobo – Faculty.

We undertook our journey by AC bus on 26/10/2023 at 7.00 a.m. with proper First-Aid Box and attendance of students. We reached Manor at around 9.30 am and had our breakfast. We then proceeded to Silvassa and reached our destination (Green Valley Resort) at around 12.45 p.m. After lunch, we visited Navneet Education Limited and had an overwhelming experience through their employee escorts who not only gave us a brief explanation of making diaries and books but also provided us with snacks and tea. On return, the students enjoyed swimming at the pool and later at 9.00 p.m. we had our dinner. Soon after dinner, we had Bombing The City game played and enjoyed the Antakshari of students.

The next day, after breatkfast at 8.00 a.m. we travelled to Parle-G where we were shown a video about the company’s birth to present standing. Thereafter, we returned to the resort for lunch and after lunch we proceeded to Kryfs Power Components, a transformer manufacturing firm. At both the places, we had a good learning. Later, we visited ‘Lion Safari’ and ‘Butterfly Park’ and returned to the resort for evening snacks. After swimming/bath, we had DJ played to entertain the students till 9.30 p.m. Then we gave away prizes in the form of pens and 5-star cadbury chocolates for winners from Bombing the city game. Prizes were also given to best dancers and to those who had good dressing sense. All other remaining students were also given a pen each as a complimentary. Thereafter, we had our dinner at 10.00 p.m.

  • The winners of Bombing the City were: Ajinkya, Tanisha, Tushar, Nikita and Ajay.
  • The best dancers chosen were: Akanksha and Tushar.
  • The consistently good dancers chosen were: Ritika, Ashwini, Satish, Kushal and Nirav.
  • The best dressing winners were: Akanksha, Ritika, Sheshavardhini, Akashkumar, Anil & Rohan.
  • A cash prize of Rs.250/- each was given to Akanksha &Tushar by the travel agent Mr. Simon Lobo.

The third day, we had breakfast at 8.00 a.m. and checked out at 9.30 a.m. and thereafter, made our journey to Dudhni Lake. All the students paid for the charges for boating and enjoyed it the most. However, precaution was ensured that all of them wore the safeguards to avoid any untoward incidents. On return, some of them made shopping of T-shirts and other decorative items and jouneyed back to the resort for lunch. After lunch, we travelled back to our places and on the way at Kamat’s, we had the Bombay delicacy –Vada Pav and tea/coffee and happily and safely returned to our homes.

Thus, everything that was well planned, also ended up well. Overall it was an excellent Industrial Visit Trip to Silvassa. The food that was provided at the resort was highly hygienic and delicious.

We would like to thank Pankaj Mehta sir and his team for providing us with necessary requirements: First Aid Box, agent payments, pens and other support.

Prof. Francis Lobo                                                                                          Director

(Event Coordinators)                                                                                      Dr. Iram Shaikh