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During the faculty meeting on the 5th of March, 2024, two days of sports were finalised i.e the 7th and 9th of March, 2024 and accordingly things were expedited for organising the same. However, the event was being discussed with the students since one month, to have coordinators for each game and form teams.

Necessary arrangements were made to purchase Volley Ball Net and Volley Ball, two Badminton Rackets and shuttle cock box, two Table Tennis bats and balls,  two Strickers for Carrom and two Tennis Balls boxes for Cricket by putting up a requisition. We planned for Indoor Games on the 7th and Outdoor Games on the 9th (8th being a holiday on account of Mahashivaratri).

On the 7th, all the students assembled in the 108 classroom and a formal address was made by the event coordinator – Prof. Francis Lobo and event was declared open to start. The students participated in carrom, table tennis and chess. The winners were as follows:

S. No Name of the Event Winners
1. CARROM (Male) First:      Anil Ammani  

Second:  Pratik Dhasal

2. CARROM (Female) First:      Akanksha Waghmare  

Second:  Pragati Taralkar

3. CARROM (Mixed Doubles) First:      Anil  Ammani – Pragati Taralkar

Second:  Pratik Belhekar – Ashwini Gawade

4. CARROM (Men Doubles) First:      Pratik Dhasal – Pratik Belhekar

Second:  Rohan Palkar – Anil Ammani

5. CHESS First:      Akashkumar Tidke

Second:  Ankita Sonawane

Third:    Rohan Palkar

6. TABLE TENNIS  (Male) First:      Priyansh Joshi

Second:  Ajinkya Ugale

Third:    Akashkumar Tidke

7. TABLE TENNIS  (Female) First:      Kiran Ingle

Second:  Purva Bansode

Third:    Pragati Taralkar


On the 9th, students played the outdoor games with a true spirit of sportsmanship and zeal. We could see the joy and happiness all around while playing the games and at the end the winners were:

S. No Name of the Event Winners
1. BADMINTON (Male) First:      Priyansh Joshi

Second:  Anish Yadav

Third:    Akashkumar Tidke

2. BADMINTON (Female) First:     Pragati Taralkar

Second: Kiran Ingle

Third:   Yukta Sawant

3. BADMINTON (Mixed Doubles) First:     Tushar Jadhav and Ankita Sonawane

Second: Pratik Belhekar and Tanisha Londhe

Third:    Akashkumar Tidke and Akanksha Waghmare

4. BOX CRICKET First:    Anil Ammani, Omkar Jadhav, Pratik Belhekar, Rohan Palkar, Shebaz Siddique, Tanisha Londhe, Pragati Taralkar

Second: Pratik Dhasal, Anish Katkar, Tushar Jadhav, Akash Tidke, Nirav Devda, Akanksha Waghmare, Ankita Sonawane

5. TREASURE  HUNT (Mixed) First: Team  No.3 (Anuj Sonawane, Priyansh Joshi, Ritika Pevekar and Tanisha Londhe)

Second: Team No.1 (Shebaz Siddique, Shubham Kale, Purva Bansode and Ashwini Gawade)

Third: Team No.7 (Pratik Dhasal, Ajay Yadav, Akanksha Waghmare and Nikita Vanne)

6. VOLLEY BALL  First: Team  No.2:  Pratik Dhasal, Tushar Jadhav, Anish Katkar, Nirav Devda & Anuj Sonawane

Second: Team No.1: Pratik Belhekar, Anil Ammani, Ajinkya Ugale, Rohan Palkar & Priyansh Joshi

Overall the sports event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game at the brought a thrilling experience to all. 

At the end, the event coordinator thanked the management, Director, Faculty Colleagues, Administrator. other non-teaching staff members and the students on Whatsapp for making it an exciting and smooth event.