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A Lecture on ‘Education for a Successful Life’ was delivered by Dr. Ramjee Singh, Former Chancellor, Vikramshila Hindi Vidyapeeth, Barahat, Bhagalpur, Bihar; Former Vice-Chancellor, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Rajasthan; and Former Member of Parliament on April 11, 2015. He highlighted the different ways by which education can change the life of students, society and nation.

He shared the 3 principles of Gandhiji i.e. Hand, Head and Heart, which explains that an individual should be physically fit, should have creativity, and should be generous. Science without vision is blind and, so science and spirituality should go together. Without food, water and air, human beings can survive to some extent but they will die without hope which comes from education.

About India’s current position, he said that structural violence is more dangerous than formal violence. Nature has enough to meet our needs, but not our greed. Greed is the main reason behind any war. He underlined the need for transformation of politics with morality and spirituality by quoting examples of eminent leaders like Socrates, Martin Luther King, Swami Vivekananda and Albert Einstein.

He stated that education is the greatest wealth of human beings which helps in moulding their mindsets and it is the best way to climb on the ladder of progress. He advised to take pledge for humanity and to establish complete harmony between words, deeds and thoughts. He emphasised the need to pursue our duties throughout life. He expressed: “I wish to be a teacher in my next life”.

April 11, 2015