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A session on the Topic – Entrepreneurship Skill , Attitude and Behavioural Development. was held at our Institute on Thu, 22.02.2024, the speaker for the event was Mr. Himanshu Buch a professional veteran who retired as Executive Vice President – GSK Pharmaceutical and now is Sales and Marketing Consultant.

Dr Iram Shaikh – Director of the Institute welcomed Mr Buch then a formal Introduction of Mr Himanshu’s Profile was read by 1st year MMS student – Mr Priyansh Joshi.

After that Mr Buch went to talk about what constitutes entrepreneurship and the qualities one needs to become an entrepreneur . He also went into the details about what changes are needed to be bought in the individual as the attitude has to always be pragmatic as an entrepreneur always has to deal with uncertainties and hence a balance of mind is utmost needed.

Also he talked about the behavioural traits which need to be incorporated by the entrepreneurs so that they create an atmosphere of belongingness, motivate their team members , employees and bring the best about them. Being from a pharmaceutical background he cited an example of Mankind pharmaceutical to highlight how an entrepreneur can be successful.

The event threw a light on the direction needed to be a successful entrepreneur and the event ended with the Mr Priyansh Joshi MMS Ist year student giving a vote of thanks