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Arham Yuva Group (AYG) is a leading non-profit organisation which serves the needy sections of society. With more than 55 centres across the country and thousands of youth members, it has been doing several charitable activities for uplifting underprivileged ones. Its services include segments such as education, healthcare, environment, community and humanitarian services, among others.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.  After receiving overwhelming response to its Maha Pasti Abhiyan1 and Maha Pasti Abhiyan2, AYG initiated Maha Pasti Abhiyan3 to make it a bigger success. Maha Pasti Abhiyan3 was conducted on March 1, 2015. AYG centers collected much larger stack of old newspapers and raised substantial fund for education of underprivileged children.

AMSIMR participated whole-heartedly to make AYG’s charitable mission successful. Our students participated as volunteers to collect newspapers from different areas of Ghatkopar.  Also, we encouraged many people to join the campaign and help us to lay a strong foundation of education in the lives of several needy students.

Students along with teaching and non-teaching staff members of the institute donated newspapers for the noble cause and thus became part of the initiative in achieving our dream of educating the nation. It was felt that they could do something to help someone to pursue education which is one of the most important requirements for building the future of individuals, families and nation.

March 1, 2015