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“Unlocking Your Path: Choosing the Right Specialization.” held on 18th October 2023 by Mr. Deepaq Vartak.

Mr. Deepaq Vartak is a Management consultant, Leadership Coach and Author of “How to sell everyday-in 3 easy steps”. He is Market Strategy Expert in the area of Start Ups. He is a Director- Career Development Cell & Business Incubation & the General Manager – Incubation Center & Corporate Relations at Mumbai Educational Trust. The session of 90 Minutes included:

1. **Importance of Subject Selection:** Discussing why subject selection is a crucial decision in one’s academic journey and how it can impact future opportunities.
2. **Self-Reflection:** Encouraging students to reflect on their interests, strengths, and career goals to align their subject choices accordingly.
3. **Available Subjects:** Providing information about the subjects available, including core subjects, electives, and specializations.
4. **Balancing Interests and Requirements:** Addressing the need to strike a balance between subjects of personal interest and those required for academic or career goals.
5. **Real-Life Testimonials:** Sharing stories or experiences of individuals who made successful subject selections and achieved their goals.
6. **Q&A and Discussion:** Allowing participants to ask questions and engage in discussions about their concerns or doubts regarding subject selection.

The program was organised by Dr. Iram Tanvir Shaikh